VTCT International

For over 50 years, VTCT has been the leading international awarding body in the fields of beauty therapy, complementary therapies and hairdressing. We  have now expanded our international provision in the areas of sport and active leisure, hospitality and catering, business and retail, skills for life and learning and development

VTCT qualifications are recognised in over 100 countries all over the world for quality and excellence. If you would like to offer VTCT world class qualifications at your centre, e-mail us at customersupport@vtct.org.uk for assistance and guidance.

International Partners

VTCT is affiliated with the national organisations in Europe, through the Pan European Confederation reporting to the EU Commission - CEPEC. VTCT and other organisations are leading the way for a European Standard for the industry. Member countries include Ireland, France, Spain, Malta, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Latvia, Estonia, UK and Italy.

International Qualifications

All VTCT qualifications are mapped to UK regulatory frameworks and are recognised by international employers, governments and professional associations. VTCT offers the largest and most specialist suite of international qualifications for the service industries.

What does it cost to become a VTCT International Centre?

VTCT has a straightforward and cost-effective international pricing model as shown below.

Region Recognition visit Verification visit
Europe (excluding UK and ROI) £1000 £700
Asia (including the Middle East) £1300 £1000
Africa £1300 £1000
America (North and South) £1550 £1250
Australasia £1700 £1400

The prices above include the flight, travel and accommodation costs for a visiting VTCT External Quality Assurer and must be paid in advance of the visit taking place.

Additionally, there is an individual registration fee charged per student and per qualification and specific regional prices may be available. Each VTCT qualification has a unique Record of Assessment book (ROA) for tracking individual student achievement. ROAs are charged at individual rates and carriage fees will apply.

There are no fees for exams, on-line tests or certification.

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